eternals lp2 news

A year ago this month we released the first Eternals record, and this past weekend we were back at Q Division with Aaron Bastinelli (where we recorded There Might Be Fire), working on the sequel. 24 hours and 7 songs later, we've finished basic tracking for the first batch of new tunes. 

Alternating between my 1972 and 1973 P-basses (Final Score: 5-2 for the '72), we tracked bass through a vintage Ampeg B-15N and a DI, with a little help from a Vox AC-30 re-amp on one particularly growly track.

One noticeable difference from the last record, at least on bass, is my experimentation with pedals. In cases where a song called for a little additional weirdness, I used a Boss OC-2 octave pedal as an added texture, and actually added a supplemental fretless bass part through a Boss chorus pedal on what will surely be the biggest hit of 1986. Still, the proven formula of Fender through an Ampeg can't be beat and was once again the staple on the vast majority of new material.

Now we continue rehearsing, writing and arranging more songs for the next round of recording in the not-so-distant future.