The busy summer is winding down, and it seems like a good time to catch up. 

A lot of good stuff coming up, including new recordings from Wilder Maker, Keith Cooper, and Rich Podgur (The Low In Between). Furthermore, a few songs that I worked on late last year with Ali Attenasio have made their way onto iTunes, if you're so inclined.

I recently recorded a batch of songs with Adam White, a talented singer-songwriter from Maine, over at the Soul Shop. He has an ambitious project in mind, so while it may be some time before these songs see the light of day, it could be worth the wait.

Eternals news: Stephen Konrads & The Eternals will be appearing on 88.1 WMBR's 'Pipeline' next Tuesday, in anticipation of our show at the Middle East Downstairs next Wednesday with Bishop Allen. If you can't make that one, have no fear- we'll be at The Sinclair on 8.24. That being said, we are without the duties of Elio at the moment, as he's tied up with the boys from Titus Andronicus for the next few weeks. 

Friday will see the release of yet another episode of "Sucks, But...". We had our first guest on last week, DJ Bean, and that format seems to work. Hopefully we'll get a good batch of these weird little recordings into the universe before the act grows tired.

More news coming up shortly. Thanks.