another soul shop christmas

Really happy I was able to add the low-end to another Soul Shop Christmas Record. This one is special. A great batch of songs, most of which are original compositions of some of the region's finest songwriters. Hell, I even threw a song into the mix.

I've said it before, but there aren't many people as dedicated to their craft as Elio DeLuca. He logged more hours on this thing than anyone, and by a wide margin. Patrick Grenham is probably the best high-pressure lyricist I've come across. Harrison Seiler is a song-oriented drummer who truly listens, and it's what makes him The Guy. Then there are the contributions from Mike Fiore, Brian KingRich PodgurGabriel BirnbaumChris DiPietro & Kristen DrymalaJeremy Lee GivenMarc ValoisLiz McBride, Alex Peabody, Brendan Higgins, Eric Bolton, and a handful of others I'm surely missing- their work ties it all together.

This Friday we're having a listening party over at Brass Union in Somerville. Come say hello and have a drink or nine.

The album should be available shortly, and when they are- throw on the nearest set of headphones, or better yet turn on the stereo, and enjoy the music. Until then, here's a nice piece from Amanda Beland documenting this year's whole process.