keith cooper - you didn't know me

Keith Cooper releases his album "You Didn't Know Me" this week. The basic sessions for this record date back to around late 2013, when myself, Harrison Seiler, and Zach Toporek spent a few days in the Soul Shop alongside Elio Deluca building up these songs.

The final result is available for $5 on Keith's bandcamp page.

old abram brown - tensleep

I started working with Old Abram Brown in the winter of 2012. Over the next few years we were able to put together a group of songs which have finally found their way into the world. Tensleep was released today. It was recorded sporadically from 2013 to earlier this year at a few different locations, with a few different incarnations of the band. The latest incarnation is out in LA, where I hope they pick up right where they left off here in the Northeast.

eternals lp2 news

A year ago this month we released the first Eternals record, and this past weekend we were back at Q Division with Aaron Bastinelli (where we recorded There Might Be Fire), working on the sequel. 24 hours and 7 songs later, we've finished basic tracking for the first batch of new tunes. 

Alternating between my 1972 and 1973 P-basses (Final Score: 5-2 for the '72), we tracked bass through a vintage Ampeg B-15N and a DI, with a little help from a Vox AC-30 re-amp on one particularly growly track.

One noticeable difference from the last record, at least on bass, is my experimentation with pedals. In cases where a song called for a little additional weirdness, I used a Boss OC-2 octave pedal as an added texture, and actually added a supplemental fretless bass part through a Boss chorus pedal on what will surely be the biggest hit of 1986. Still, the proven formula of Fender through an Ampeg can't be beat and was once again the staple on the vast majority of new material.

Now we continue rehearsing, writing and arranging more songs for the next round of recording in the not-so-distant future.

shoes, etc

Well, Eternals' time at the Rock n Roll Rumble has come to an end. It was fun while it lasted. Big thanks to everyone involved in the event, and to everyone who came out and drank too much with us.

Speaking of Eternals, we'll be doing an in-store performance at the Converse Store on Newbury Street in Boston, MA next Thursday May 7. To RSVP, go here. Also,we're opening for Wild Nothing at The Sinclair on May 15. All of this, and we'll be heading into the studio very shortly to begin work on the next record.

The Union Band and I will be backing up Julie Rhodes for a few gigs (5/6 & 5/9) before joining Dana Osterling on May 11 at TT The Bears. 

there might be fire - eternals

Recorded back in November at Q Division Studios in Somerville, as part of the Converse Rubber Tracks sessions, today Eternals released the (dare I say smoldering) new single There Might Be Fire. Yet another example of how you can't go wrong with a vintage P-bass and an Ampeg B-15.

Recorded and engineered by Aaron Bastinelli and Matt Beaudoin, mastered by Michelle Mancini at the Mastering Palace . Chris DiPietro (Quarterly) provided the amazing artwork.


It was announced today that Eternals will be participating in this year's Rock 'n' Roll Rumble. More details are sure to follow, including specific set dates/times. For now, keep an eye on the Rumble's Facebook page or tune into 100.7 WZLX for Boston Emissions on Sunday nights at 10
Julie Rhodes will be recording a new live album at Dirt Floor Studios in Chester, CT on June 20th. The Union Band, comprised of myself, Harrison Seiler (drums), and Eric Bolton (guitar) will be backing her up. Check out the Facebook event for more info, and swing by Bull McCabe's in Union Square this Friday for a sneak preview.

Happy New Year (2015)

We're now roughly 15 hours into 2015, and it's hard not to reflect on what was an eventful year of 2014. I'm very happy to have made some great music with friends (old and new). It was a year that saw the release of the Eternals debut album, Everyday Crimes Against Objects of Desire vol. 1 by Wilder Maker, Don't Waste Your Life by The Tripping Souls, along with Christmas Alone With You by the extended family of The Soul Shop.

And on the first day of this new year, Rich Podgur and The Low In Between have released Apart- a collection of songs recorded over several months at the Shop. I play bass on five tracks, alongside Dave Hinckley (guitar), Gavin McCarthy (drums), Elio DeLuca (Hammond organ, Wurlitzer, engineering, general wizardry) and Rich Podgur (vocals, guitar, songs). 

The forecast for 2015 suggests another busy year. Upcoming releases include new offerings from Eternals, Old Abram Brown, Adam White, along with a few others. For now, I offer my sincere thanks to everyone who's played a part in my life in the last year, and here's to more of the same in the new year.

another soul shop christmas

Really happy I was able to add the low-end to another Soul Shop Christmas Record. This one is special. A great batch of songs, most of which are original compositions of some of the region's finest songwriters. Hell, I even threw a song into the mix.

I've said it before, but there aren't many people as dedicated to their craft as Elio DeLuca. He logged more hours on this thing than anyone, and by a wide margin. Patrick Grenham is probably the best high-pressure lyricist I've come across. Harrison Seiler is a song-oriented drummer who truly listens, and it's what makes him The Guy. Then there are the contributions from Mike Fiore, Brian KingRich PodgurGabriel BirnbaumChris DiPietro & Kristen DrymalaJeremy Lee GivenMarc ValoisLiz McBride, Alex Peabody, Brendan Higgins, Eric Bolton, and a handful of others I'm surely missing- their work ties it all together.

This Friday we're having a listening party over at Brass Union in Somerville. Come say hello and have a drink or nine.

The album should be available shortly, and when they are- throw on the nearest set of headphones, or better yet turn on the stereo, and enjoy the music. Until then, here's a nice piece from Amanda Beland documenting this year's whole process.

Everyday Crimes Against Objects of Desire, Vol. 1

The new Wilder Maker EP "Everyday Crimes Against Objects of Desire, Vol. 1" is now streaming at Wondering Sound. This is a great collection of songs recorded earlier this year at the Soul Shop in Medford, MA by Elio DeLuca. This record holds some of Gabe Birnbaum's best work as a songwriter, and it was a pleasure to be a part of. 

Listen here:

busy week nicety

Three shows in three nights this week, starting Wednesday night at Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge with Eternals (sharing the bill with another collaborator in Katie Von Schleicher, as well as Faces on Film). That's followed up by Thursday's Tripping Souls CD release show at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, and Friday at the Press Room in Portsmouth, NH with Privateer.

I found a couple of cool reviews for albums/tracks I was able to work on this year:

-Wilder Maker's "Hope Springs" has been making the rounds.

-Here's a nice review of The Tripping Soul's new album. "Bass player Wayne Whittaker pushes his smooth, effective low end line through this with such ease that it becomes another strong point. He carries so much above while keeping his line of prettiness going on." Well shit.

Tripping Souls- Don't Waste Your Life

The Tripping Souls, led by Paul Makris, released their latest album "Don't Waste Your Life" today. Recorded over the past year or so under the helm of Brian Charles at Zippah Recording in Brighton, MA, I play bass on every track and am joined by co-Eternal Harrison Seiler as well as Steve Chaggaris on drums.

I'm playing with The Tripping Souls on the 6th & 20th of November in and around Boston.


The busy summer is winding down, and it seems like a good time to catch up. 

A lot of good stuff coming up, including new recordings from Wilder Maker, Keith Cooper, and Rich Podgur (The Low In Between). Furthermore, a few songs that I worked on late last year with Ali Attenasio have made their way onto iTunes, if you're so inclined.

I recently recorded a batch of songs with Adam White, a talented singer-songwriter from Maine, over at the Soul Shop. He has an ambitious project in mind, so while it may be some time before these songs see the light of day, it could be worth the wait.

Eternals news: Stephen Konrads & The Eternals will be appearing on 88.1 WMBR's 'Pipeline' next Tuesday, in anticipation of our show at the Middle East Downstairs next Wednesday with Bishop Allen. If you can't make that one, have no fear- we'll be at The Sinclair on 8.24. That being said, we are without the duties of Elio at the moment, as he's tied up with the boys from Titus Andronicus for the next few weeks. 

Friday will see the release of yet another episode of "Sucks, But...". We had our first guest on last week, DJ Bean, and that format seems to work. Hopefully we'll get a good batch of these weird little recordings into the universe before the act grows tired.

More news coming up shortly. Thanks.

Stephen Konrads & The Eternals


The debut album from Stephen Konrads & The Eternals is now available through all neo-traditional outlets (iTunes, Amazon, etc). Recorded and mixed over the last year at the Soul Shop in Medford, MA (under the watchful and dedicated eye of Elio DeLuca), these songs are some of the best I've ever had the pleasure of working on. 

Beyond providing such strong material to work with, Stephen also added layer after layer of guitar, piano, keyboards and synths, creating a soundscape which I'm very happy to share with the world. Harrison Seiler lended his ever-steady backbeat to what is now the third (?), fourth (?), fifth (?) project we've worked on together.

Claudia Carty added devastating background vocals to Ba Da Ba, while Eve Boltax (viola), Vanessa Buttolph (viola), and Kristen Drymala (cello) helped transform I'm Moving To Your Beat into the monster it is now.

For bass, my 1973 Fender Precision was used on every song but The Propellor, for which I borrowed Elio's short-scale EB-3 copy after an extended period of day-drinking and amp-breaking. We used a combination of my Ampeg B-100R amp and DI for all tracking. 

While the songs may be new, the making of this album really goes back about three years. It's the culmination of a lot of thought, a lot of changes, and a lot of work. I couldn't be happier with the result. Thanks for listening.